At Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne, we are proud to offer Mercedes-Benz vehicles due to the reputation that the vehicles have among drivers in Fort Wayne, and the performance of the new EQS sedan makes the vehicle a worthy addition to the brand. The EQS450+ model features an electric motor capable of up to 329 horsepower. This will also provide you with 406 lb. per ft. of torque. You can also choose the more powerful EQS580 4Matic, which offers up to 516 horsepower and up to 611 lb. per ft. of torque.

All-wheel drive is an optional feature for the Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan. Standard features include suspension using adaptive air and rear axle system for steering that can angle up to 10 degrees. The extra degrees in the steering system helps you to better maneuver the vehicle in tight spots. It also helps to boost the vehicle's stability when you drive at high speeds.

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