With so many rules and laws to obey while driving around Fort Wayne, the last thing you probably need is something else. Still, Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne believes that bicyclist safety is worth reminding.

Bicyclists include all ages and experience levels. From small children in a small neighborhood to those who are considered semi-pros, they're all out there. Protecting them is part of your responsibility as a driver. Always obey the speed limit, especially in residential neighbors where bicyclists are more likely to be. It's not a rule but press on your horn to give bicyclists a warning that you're approaching. Typically, they will appreciate it and move aside, especially children.

When you see a bicyclist approaching in the rearview mirror, prepare yourself for the unexpected to occur. It's not uncommon to see a bicyclist on one side of your vehicle, and within seconds, they're on the other side. It's always best to give them more space than they even need.


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