It's imperative that you be prepared for a number of emergency situations when you are driving around in your vehicle. At Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne, we recommend that you have a roadside emergency kit in your automobile at all times. Your kit should include:
  • A flashlight will allow you to get out of your vehicle and see what is going on with your vehicle if it's dark outside.
  • Roadside flares will help alert other drivers to your status. This will keep you safe.
  • Jumper cables can be used to get your vehicle running again if you're having starter or battery issues.
  • A first aid kit can be used in many different situations.
  • If you're handy, a basic tool kit can allow you to make some minor repairs on your own without having to call for help.
  • In bad weather, it helps if you have non-perishable food items available.


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