Your Car's Belts and Hoses

At Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne, we want to make sure you understand that your car's belts and hoses are crucial to it running properly. We have seen vehicles come in for service in Fort Wayne with repairs that could have been avoided through belt and hose maintenance.

Nearly all vehicles in North America have a timing belt, a serpentine belt and coolant hoses. Your engine's timing belt synchronizes its moving parts. If your timing belt broke, the parts it controls would fire improperly, making your car nearly inoperative. Meanwhile, your aptly named serpentine belt transfers energy among some of your favorite accessories. If you like driving comfortably, you should learn to like your serpentine belt. Also, let's appreciate your coolant hoses. Without them transporting antifreeze through your engine, your car would overheat.

Time and usage wear these essential parts. To avoid potentially costly repairs related to your belts and hoses, follow your vehicle manufacturer's maintenance guidelines.


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