There are a few signs that you might notice from your car if it needs an alignment. This is an important repair that you want to get from Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne as it can impact everything from your tires to the tie rods of your car. One of the first signs that you might notice is uneven wear on the inside of your tires. This is due to the angle of the tie rods and other components not being seated right.

When you're driving on a road in Fort Wayne and feel your car wanting to go to one side of the road, you might need an alignment. This can sometimes happen when a tire is underinflated, but if it doesn't go away after putting more air in your tires, then you want to consult with someone about getting an alignment performed.

Sometimes, your car might be abnormally noisy. These sounds are often heard when you turn the steering wheel or when you brake. You'll usually hear sounds like grinding or metal rubbing against metal.


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