Why is Tire Pressure Important?

You might have heard it said that maintaining proper tire pressure will save you money at the gas pump. Not only will you improve your gas mileage, but keeping your tires in an ideal pressure range might even save your life.

Your owner's manual lays out the proper pressure at which you should keep your tires. Over days and weeks, minuscule amounts of air will escape from your tires, making a regular pressure check a good idea. Each time you wash your car, you can also top up the air in your tires if needed. Leaving them underinflated creates drag, causing your engine to work harder to propel your car down the road. Underinflated tires also create more heat from friction, which causes them to wear down faster and also makes them susceptible to a dangerous blowout.

If you're concerned about proper tire inflation or suspect your tread is wearing thin, we'll be happy to inspect your tires at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne.



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