At Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne, we know you need to be prepared for the winter months. You need to take extra safety precautions when you are driving to your favorite Fort Wayne, IN destinations. You may have to drive in blizzards and freezing rain. Summer wiper blades are very lightweight. Your vehicle needs thick wiper blades. Thin wiper blades cannot handle snow and ice.

The weather can change quickly when you are commuting to your office or taking your family to school. You need to see other cars and pedestrians. Summer wiper blades will not give you a clear view when you are driving in a wintry mix. Ice can accumulate around the joints. The blades will jam if they cannot flex.

Winter wiper blades will not freeze in cold weather. The blades can flex when the weather is extremely cold. Winter wiper blades are constructed from a synthetic material. Cold weather will not damage the thick rubber.


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