Standard Safety Technology in the Luxury Mercedes-Benz E 300 Sedan

Equipped with more than 15 standard accident-mitigation features, the Mercedes-Benz E 300 is an upscale sedan that claims class-leading designation in active safety. When you stop at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne for a tour of the showroom, you'll discover the cutting-edge safety technology that's installed in this stylish European model.

The patented Car-to-X-Communication application is connected to a cloud network that analyzes traffic flow in your local area. When there's a dangerous situation for your projected trip, this technology will deliver the appropriate notifications. For example, you might be warned about a temporary roadblock on a highway with limited visibility.

This premium Mercedes-Benz sedan is connected to the Emergency Call Service that's staffed by helpful phone operators. A push of the SOS Button in the front row automatically connects you to an agent. Roadside assistance and medical personnel might be dispatched according to the severity of your accident or other problem.



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