As vehicles age, they are susceptible to natural wear. Hoses and seals wear out, which leads to fluid leaks. In order to avoid costly repairs, owners must have the problem identified and fixed as soon as possible. Bring your vehicle to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne for a qualified inspection and repair.

You might notice a wet stain beneath the vehicle. See if there is a telltale wet spot coming directly above the stain on the vehicle's underside. A simple trick to use involves placing a white cardboard, poster board or cardboard over the stained area.

Once the fluid drips onto the makeshift blotter, you are often able to determine the type of fluid leaking by the color of the stain. An oil leak is greasy brown. A coolant leak appears bluish-green. Battery acid will burn a hole into your blotter. Brake fluid is typically clear and greasy in appearance. Power steering fluid is yellowish and transmission fluid is ruddy.



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