Automotive Service for Your Vehicle's Headlights

When you come to Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne to have routine vehicle maintenance performed, headlights are something that we pay close attention to. If you are someone that frequently drives during nighttime hours, the brightness and the angle output of your lights are extremely important. We will offer you a number of services for your headlights that includes:

  • Replacing your bulbs. Even if you don't have one that has burned out, we can upgrade your bulbs to something that is a different shade of white and much brighter. This will provide excellent illumination.
  • We can buff and clean the lens of your headlights. A clean surface will help boost the overall illumination of your headlights.
  • Over time, your headlights can begin to point in different directions. There is a very specific angle that your lights should be pointing in. We can realign them properly.



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