Explore the Advanced Safety Features of the E-Class Sedan, Coupe, and Cabriolet

Whether you explore the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan, coupe, or cabriolet, you're bound to uncover a wealth of exquisite features that beg you to dig even deeper. From sleek, muscular design elements to a seamlessly flowing, well-appointed interior, you'll find no shortage of reasons to fall in love with this scintillating lineup of vehicles. But the thing that has us truly mesmerized here at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Wayne is the suite of standard advanced safety features that represent remarkable innovation. Here is a brief breakdown of some of these amazing features:

Car-to-X Communication

This advanced system is designed to allow cars with the feature to communicate with each other and with a central notification system to relay a warning of potentially hazardous driving conditions or situations. If the system notices excessive wheelspin associated with slippery roads or that you have activated your windshield wipers of hazard lights, your vehicle will warn nearby drivers who also have Car-to-X Communication to let them know to be wary.


Have you ever heard of pink noise? It's a bit like white noise, but tuned to a particular frequency that triggers the human ear canal to block out loud sounds. PRE-SAFE Sound is a safety system designed to protect your hearing in the event of an accident by utilizing pink noise. If the system detects that a collision is imminent, it pre-emptively emits pink noise to help your ears endure the loud noises that might be associated with a collision.

Crosswind Assist

This safety system utilizes information gathered from your vehicle's Electronic Stability Program, electric power steering, and suspension sensors to help you maintain control if powerful winds or gusts from passing trucks try to blow you off course. This system will automatically activate the brakes on one side of your vehicle to help you stay on track.

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